The CCERBAL organizes annually various academic activities in order to promote the exchange among researchers and to promote research excellence. These activities include:

  • Forums;
  • Conferences;
  • Symposiums;
  • Others:
    • Research Workshops;
    • Research Retreats.

OLBI Research Forums
Research forums are constituted of conferences series taking place during the academic year with nationally and internationally recognized guests and local researchers. They are open to the public and generally webcasted.

CCERBAL Conferences
Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI), by its Research Centre, organizes a biennial conference on actual research topics. This conference is a unique possibility for researchers, teachers, students and other participants to meet and to share their knowledge and expertise. The two-day conference, usually taking place on April 24 and 25, attracts about 150 participants. The researchers present their ongoing work in conjunction with round tables as well as symposiums, workshops and poster sessions.

CCERBAL Symposiums
As an initiative undertaken by CCERBAL’s members, the symposiums highlight its guest lecturers that present and discuss various bilingualism subjects in order to engage in the conversation with wide range participants. These full or half-day symposiums are biennial and are offered instead of the CCERBAL Conference.

Research Workshops
Research Workshops provide an occasion for researchers to update their knowledge on new research and data analysis methods. Workshops are given by guest experts and are open to the public by invitation.

Research Retreats
The annual CCERBAL research retreat is an occasion for its members to have some quality time to write scholarly articles and to solicit feedback from their peers. It is possible to join CCERBAL’s members during those retreats by invitation only. 

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