Assessment and Maintenance of Language Skills in High-level Bilinguals from a Socio-professional Integration Perspective

Monika Jezak  (University of Ottawa), Organizer 

Ludmyla Kefalova et Jennifer Macdonald (Fonction publique du Canada); Denis Cousineau (Ottawa-Carleton District School Board); Élissa Beaulieu (Center for Canadian Language Benchmarks)


It is generally agreed that the high level of bilingualism in English and French in Canada is an asset to socio- professional integration. But in reality, what level of bilingualism do adults and young adults reach? How do we define a high level of bilingualism? How do bilinguals use their skills? How do they maintain their gains? To reflect on these issues from different perspectives, we have invited representatives of three key institutions responsible for the development, assessment, and maintenance of bilingualism among adults and young adults: Ottawa -Carleton District School Board ( OCDSB ), the Canada Public Service Commission and School and the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks ( CCLB ) .

The purpose of this roundtable is to explore strategies and challenges for the language assessment of adults and young adults in Canada. This overview will serve as a starting point for a discussion with all participants to this event.

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