Literacies and Autonomy of Advanced Language Learners

Videos of guest speakers on April 24

    • Conference Opening: Richard Clément, Director and Associate Dean, OLBI Sylvie A. Lamoureux, Conference Co-chair, OLBI (University of Ottawa) and Marie-Josée Hamel, Director of CCERBAL, OLBI (University of Ottawa)
      • Plenary Speaker: Heidi Byrnes (Georgetown University, United States) The Multiliterate Advanced Learner: Making Choices for Meaning-Making.
        • Invited Round Table: Being a Professor in a Bilingual University: Issues and Challenges Related to the Development and Maintenance of L2 Proficiency in L2. Organized by Huguette Bourgeois and Sheila Scott, OLBI (University of Ottawa).
        • Symposium of the Research Chair in Computer Assisted Language Learning: Marie-Josée Hamel (University of Ottawa)Profiles and Portraits of Advanced Language Learners Mediating with Technologies, with Nicolas Guichon (ENS, Université de Lyon 2); Jérémie Séror (University of Ottawa) and Chantal Dion (Carleton University).

          Videos of guest speakers on April 25

            • Plenary Speaker: Nicole Poteaux (Université de Strasbourg, France) Le développement de l'autonomie d'apprentissage des langues, l'autoformation et l'auto-évaluation.
            • Invited Round Table: The Assessment of Language Skills in a High-level Socio-professional Integration Perspective.Organized by Monika Jezak, OLBI (University of Ottawa) & 3 speakers.
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