Regular Members

Research Chairs
Founding Members

In October 2008 the following professors from different faculties and departments of the University of Ottawa agreed, in principle, to support the creation of the new research center and to assume different levels of membership with the Centre’s structure, once it was established.

Nathalie Bélanger, Faculty of Education
Linda Cardinal, Faculty of Social Sciences
Richard Clément, Faculty of Social Sciences, OLBI Director
Pierre Foucher, Faculty of Law
Juana Liceras, Faculty of Arts, Department of Modern Languages and Literature
Shana Poplack, Faculty of Arts, Department of Linguistics
Larry Vandergrift, Faculty of Arts, OLBI, Founding Director of CCERBAL (2007-2009)
Luise von Flotow, Faculty of Arts, School of Translation and Interpretation

Affiliated Members
  • Francis Bangou, Faculty of Education (University of Ottawa)
  • Sandra Burger, Official Languages and Bilingualism Instiute (University of Ottawa)
  • Catherine Caws Department of French (University of Victoria)
  • Aline Germain-Rutherford, Vice-Provost, Academic Affairs (University of Ottawa)
  • Banafsheh Karamifar, Département de français (University of Ottawa)
  • Enrica Piccardo, OISE (University of Toronto)
  • Colin Williams, School of Welsh (Cardiff University)
  • Raquel Llama, Postdoctor (Stockholm University)
  • Olga Makinina, English As A Second Language department (Carleton University)
Researchers in residence
Student Members

M.A. in Bilingualism Studies

  • Wlla Abuhasan
  • Elaaf Alsomali
  • Yiran Ding
  • Alana Duncan
  • Calder Ferguson
  • Danièle Sara Filion
  • Marie Gravran
  • Rebecca Kingston
  • Georges Yves Lafortune
  • Anne Lechowicz
  • Jacinthe Martin
  • Bernice Ofori
  • Farhad Roodi
  • Sarah Christine Ruszala
  • Awa Sawadogo
  • Nasren Elsageyer
  • Laura Castaño Laverde
  • Mathilde Cames
  • Britney Castleman
  • Sarah Auyeung
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