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LARG members participated in and attended our Symposium on Translanguaging in Language Assessment at the most recent CCERBAL conference



Opportunities and challenges in translanguaging in language assessment

Organizer: Beverly Baker (University of Ottawa)

Discussant: Monika Jezak (University of Ottawa)

Fauve De Backer (Ghent University), Mario Lopez-Gopar, Julio Morales (Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca), Jamie Schissel (University of North Carolina at Greensboro),

Stef Slembrouck, Piet Van Avermaet (Ghent University)

A disconnect currently exists between our understanding ofmultilingual or plurilingual competence, which breaks down socially imposed barriers among a speaker’s languages, and current language testing practices, which assume a monolingual worldview. Beliefs about the compartmentalization of languages for assessment are still very strongly entrenched (Shohamy, 2011). As Otheguy, Garc´ıa, & Reid (2015) put it, ”schools confuse the assessment of general linguistic proficiency, which is best manifested in bilinguals while translanguaging, with the testing of proficiency in a named language, which insists on inhibiting translanguaging” (p. 281). In this symposium, we present assessment projects from a variety of settings in Belgium, Mexico, and Canada that explore this disconnect from the points of view of test takers, language teachers, test developers, and test score users. In this symposium, we critically question current construct definitions of language ability for assessment in multilingual contexts.

LARG was represented at the Language Testing Research Colloquium in Auckland, New Zealand in July 2018. A fantastic conference!  



2018 Spring Workshops

The LARG was pleased to organize a series of Professional Development Workshops in Assessment for Language Teachers.

Workshop 1: Reading Comprehension Questions (in English)

By Sarah Auyeung, Nasren Musa El-Sageyer and Majida Harb (MA students in Bilingualism Studies)

Workshop 2: Lightning Rubric Design (Bilingual)

By Beverly Baker, Associate Professor and Director of Language Assessment at the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) at the University of Ottawa

The workshops' facilitators: Sarah Auyeung, Beverly Baker, Nasren El-Sageyer and Majida Harb



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