Language Assessment Research Group - (LARG)

The Language Assessment Research Group (LARG) is a group of researcher-practitioners from various institutions with expertise in numerous disciplines related to language studies and applied linguistics (such as rhetoric and genre studies; discourse analysis; language policy; language teacher development and classroom practices) whose research interests overlap in the area of language assessment. LARG aims to promote ongoing research collaboration and innovation in all areas of language assessment, including classroom and formative assessment as well as large-scale language examinations.

For more information, please contact Beverly Baker.


Name and affiliation

Research Interests

Poonam Anand

OLBI, University of Ottawa

  • Classroom assessment in relation to high stakes assessment

Beverly Baker

OLBI, University of Ottawa

  • Mixed methods validation of large scale/high stakes assessments
  • Language Assessment Literacy
  • Critical approaches to language teacher development and language assessment development

Christian Colby-Kelly

Canada School of Public Service; freelance researcher

  • Learning Oriented Assessment/Assessment for Learning /diagnostic/dynamic assessment
  • Oral performance testing and discourse analysis of oral performance test responses
  • Test fairness and parallel testing

Galia Dukova-Zheleva

Second Language Training Consultant, Learning Centre,

City of Ottawa

  • Application of language assessment research to language testing and training in government contexts
  • Syntax
  • Semantics

Zinat Goodarzi

OLBI, University of Ottawa

  • Classroom-based assessment
  • Academic acculturation of first-year university students
  • Academic literacy

Carla Hall

OLBI, University of Ottawa

  • Examiner training; test development
  • Influence of test delivery modes and modalities on test-taker performances in speaking tests
  • Discourse analysis, CA, multi-modal analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis

Amelia Hope

OLBI, University of Ottawa

  • Assessment of interactional competence in CLB speaking tasks
  • Rater training; test development

Monika Jezak

OLBI, University of Ottawa

  • Language policy
  • Multilingualism
  • Adult biliteracy

Valerie Kolesova

OLBI, University of Ottawa

  • Assessment of sociopragmatic competence

Michel Laurier

Vice Principal Academic/Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa

  • Learning outcome measurement and assessment
  • Language proficiency assessment
  • Use of technology in assessment

Kazem Loftipoursaedi 

Algonquin College

  • Discourse analytic approaches to ESL /EFL education, including curricular design, pedagogy task development, and testing task design
  • Redefining Canadian Language Benchmark levels in terms of textual forms

Jia Ma 

PhD candidate,

Assessment and Evaluation Group, Faculty of Education, Queen's University

  • Consequential validity of high-stake language tests

Jennifer MacDonald

Manager, Personnel Psychology Centre, Public Service Commission of Canada


  • Application of language assessment research to language testing in government contexts
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