Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a reward for completing the tasks in the passport?

Yes, there are many prizes to be won! Once you submit your passport with at least 20 risks completed to either your Language Professor or to the OLBI front desk (MHN 130), you will be entered into a draw.

Do I need to complete all of the risks in the passport?

To be eligible for the draw, you need to complete at least 20 risks. However, we encourage you to do as many as possible.

Do I need to get a stamp for my passport?

No, we trust you! Once you complete a risk you must simply check off the box in the passport.

Who are the team members?

Click on Contact Us tab for more information about the members of the Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative.

What if I lose my passport?

A new one may be downloaded from this website and printed. Click on the How to Participate tab.

Can I repeat a risk more than once?

Certainly! Most risks can be repeated up to three times. If you run out of boxes to check due to repeating a risk several times, then we encourage you to continue taking those risks on your own!

I am an advanced learner, what do I do if some of the risks are too easy?

Feel free to pick and choose whichever risks you find appropriate and complete them as you see fit. Remember, not all risks need to be completed and there is no required order in which you need to be undertaking the risks.

Can I propose my own risks?

Yes, feel free to add any additional risks that you would like to challenge yourself with to your passport! The blank pages at the back of the passport can be used for that purpose.

Where do I submit the passport for the draw?

Once you have completed at least 20 tasks, you can submit your passport either to your ESL or FLS Professor or to the OLBI reception desk (Hamelin Hall, Room 130).

When is the draw?

The draw will be held immediately after the passport submission deadline.

What are the prizes?

Gift cards, event tickets, and more!

Is there an online passport app?

Coming soon! The team is currently working on creating a smartphone app that will allow students to use an electronic version of the passport.

Can I participate for more than one academic session?

Yes, it is encouraged! If you are participating more than once, try to challenge yourself by taking different risks each time.

If I participate in more than one academic session, can I be entered into the draw more than once?

For every academic session that you participate, you will be able to enter the draw.

What if I receive a passport in more than one language class in an academic session?

You only need to complete one passport per academic session, the same passport will be distributed across all classes.

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