Site for Language Management in Canada (SLMC) (Eng-Fre Bilingual)


A language management database that focuses on language history, presence, legislation and organizations in Canada. It also seeks to compare the Canadian Bilingualism model internationally while providing the necessary geopolitical context.
Site for Language Management in Canada (SLMC) (Eng-Fr Bilingual)


L'Aménagement Linguistique dans le Monde (French Only)


An independent language management database with an international focus. It presents the linguistic situation in over 390 regions or territories spread over 195 countries. Browse alphabetically, by continent, official language, type of linguistic policy or thematically.L´Aménagement Linguistique dans le Monde (French Only)


Center for Applied Linguistics (English Only)

A series of short 'digests' that highlight current topics of interest to CAL. Center for Applied Linguistics - Digests




A series of policy briefs that highlight LPP around the world. Language Policy Research Network - Briefs



University of Pennsylvania Language Policy Resources (English Only)

University of Pennsylvania`s language policy resources page includes a list of LPP bibliographies, course and degree programs, websites, journals and centers. University of Pennsylvania - Language Policy Resources 



University of Wisconsin-Madison INLEPS Resources (English Only)

A Wisconsin China Initiative under the International Network for Language Education Policy Studies (INLEPS) curated by Prof. Francois Tochon and Kristine Harrison. The site is composed of an extensive list of short entries on various topics of interest such as: Linguistic Hegemony, Marginalization, Ideology, Rights, Maintenance, and Codification--to name a few. It also features a section of Language Education Policy on theoretical issues dealing with neoliberalism, culture, education markets, imperialism, and another wide-ranging section on Language Education. Browse by topic, section, or world region. Language Education Policy Studies


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