Research Axis

PSIRG research focuses on the advancement of knowledge in the field of teaching and learning second and foreign languages through the content of a discipline at a university level.

Potential Research

  • Retention of immersion students at the post-secondary level.
  • Integration of the Francophonie into students' lives.
  • The role of the immersion teacher in student success in high school.
  • Does immersion in elementary and secondary schools prepare students for university immersion?
  • Immersion student profile.
  • Motivation.
  • Training teachers to teach in their 2nd language.
  • Bilingualism among professors at the University of Ottawa.  
  • Career paths for the graduates of university immersion.
  • Perceptions of career opportunities among young civil servants who are graduates of the immersion stream.
  • The use of portfolios in French Immersion Studies (FIS)

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